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Interventions: Nam June Paik, Charlotte Moorman. SIGNED / MINT COPY + EXTRA.

Author:Paik, Nam June (Gyeongseong, 1932 - Miami, 2006) -
Title:Interventions: Nam June Paik, Charlotte Moorman. SIGNED / MINT COPY + EXTRA.
Publisher:Centre Culturel Americain, Paris , (1978)
Description:Poster, 56 x 40 cms., offset printed black on white stock, advertising three events by the artist, 'Interventions'. 'Projection de Bandes Video' and 'Ateliers Video' in which he is collaborating with the cellist Chartlotte Moorman (1933-1991).
Note:The poster features a photograph of Moorman taken by Peter Moore. Signed by Paik in red pen to the lower side. ADDED: advertising poster (56 x 40 cms.) 'GLOBAL GROOVE' of the video-tape by Nam June Paik with John Godfrey designed by J. McWilliams starring John Cage Pamela Sousa, Ken Urmston, Allen Ginsberg, Peggy Lombard, Susan Bottoms, Charlotte Moorman, Allan Schulman, Jud Yalkut, Sun Ock Lee, Cecilia Sandover. Narrator: Russel Connor. Published by WNET TV, Nes York, 1974. Condition: VERY FINE.
Book No:26358
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