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Bruce Nauman - Footsteps. VERY FINE COPY.

Author:Nauman, Bruce (b. 1941) -
Title:Bruce Nauman - Footsteps. VERY FINE COPY.
Publisher:The Letter Edged in Black Press, New York, 1968
Description:Offset lithograph printed on folded heavy stock, recto/verso, 19.5 x 27.5 cms., when unfolded, containing a magnetic tape.
Note:Footsteps from S.M.S. # 5. This SMS edition is a sound piece by American artist Bruce Nauman, playing a loop of sound - for as loud and as long as you can stand it -. The sound is recorded onto a strip of recorded magnetic tape, wound around a folded Op art card, and printed with instructions for playing.
Book No:26404
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