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Nothing To Lose.

Author:Weiner, Lawrence (New York, 1942) -
Title:Nothing To Lose.
Publisher:Artist's Publication, No place , (1976)
Description:Scheme for a book titled 'Nothing To Lose' with handwritten text by Weiner on lined notebook paper (36 pages inscribed in black fountain pen), housed in hardcover exercise book, 21 x 16,5 cms., sticker attached to front cover containing text in fountain pen: 'Lawrence Weiner - Nothing To Lose - Rudi Fuchs'.
Note:Loosely inserted the typewritten text on blue sheet sticked to yellow lined paper: '(Often found) within the context of effectiveness - From major to minor - from small to large - catalogue # 395 -- From major to minor - from small to large - (Often found) within the context of effectiveness - catalogue # 396'. ADDED: typed letter by Lecturis BV, Eindhoven, 1976 as an answer to a price application concerning the printing of 'nothing to lose', 500 copies, 125 x 195 mm., 40 pp., 500 copies. Letter addressed to R. Fuchs, signed by H. van Stokkom. ADDED: File 'Dossier Weiner' (in black marker) containing numerous items all end of 60s and 70s of the 20th Century i.a. xerographic copy Lawrence Weiner: the books by Eric Cameron, 7 leaves; newspaper article 'De taaie traditie' 15-02-1974 on publications by Art & Project; one printed leaf with tetx by Anthony Lovell in Studio International, March 1971, p. 126, 9 photo's of the sea verso; a xerographic copy 'Having a Relation to the Manner of Things - Moves after Use - Moved ( )...4 leaves; photocopy A First Quarter: Lawrence Weiner's First Film by Ann Wooster, 4 leaves (From Arts Magazine, May/June 1973; a trial impresson of 'Niets aan verloren' (Nothing to lose), 10 leaves; Scheme on 'Lawrence Weiner: A Selection of Works with Commentary by R.H. Fuchs', 3 leaves in xerography; small text + a few drawings of fishes and birds both in black pen on one sheet; trial impression of 'Nothing to lose', 6 leaves in xerography, with annotations in pen over all pages; 3 leaves in xerography of 'Lawrence Weiner: A Selection of Works', with annotations in black and red pen; 'Lawrence Weiner: A Reading' by R.H. Fuchs, 15 leaves in xerography; photocopy of letter addressed to 'Dear Lawrence', dated '13 12 73', 2 leaves; 'Een boekje van Lawrence Weiner' [A booklet by Lawrence Weiner] by R.H. Fuchs, text in Dutch, 3 leaves stencilled; letter by Weiner addressed to 'Dear Rudi [Fuchs]', dated '26 Feb. 1974', consisting of 3 blue translucent leaves including 2 in photocopy + one full-page autograph letter in black pen, signed 'Lawrence' and dated '3 Dec. 1974', with red and green underline; 'Protocol: An Exhibition on the Work of Lawrence Weiner - Inrichting: Werk van 8/12 maart 1976', 3 leaves stencilled with annotations (by R.H. Fuch?) on one page; 'Once upon a Time', 4 stencilled leaves all with annotations (by R.H. Fuchs?); 'Have been done at', transcription, 3 leaves stencilled, all with annotations (by R.H. Fuchs?); Collection of 5 gelatine silver prints including 5 photographs measuring 20,3 x 25,3 cms. (one with sticker verso on which it is written/typed: 'DONE TO: a film of Lawrence Weiner', 16 mm. - Kodacolor - 20 minutes - Cinematography: Mark Obenhaus - Personages: Kathryn Bigelow, Sharon Haskell...' + 3 sohwing Weiner's work at Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven NL + 3 gelatine prints measuring 12,5 x 17,7 cms. all showing stamp verso: 'Copyright Andreas Rosasco, Zurich', all with annotation in pencil: 'Lawrence Weiner - Installation - INK - Zurich 1978'.
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