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Burn & Learn. VERY FINE COPY.

Author:Woensel, Bregje van - Overbeek, H.G. [ed.].
Title:Burn & Learn. VERY FINE COPY.
Publisher:Design Hotel, (Amsterdam), 2007
Description:Glazed cardboard wrappers (hardcover), 31,7 x 24 cms., 15 glazed cardboard pages with text in English and color illustrations on graffiti, concept & publishing H.G.M. Overbeek, contributions on Honet, Paris; Dieter Markowicz, Rhein Ruhr Gebiet; Delta, Amsterdam; Sent, New York; Yalt, Amsterdam; Shave Wow, Utrecht; Reaze, Utrecht; Nema London; Mins, Copenhagen; Jack in the Box, Berlin; Mellie, Utrecht & Banos, Amsterdam.
Note:FINE COPY of this ARIST'S BOOK published in an edition of 500 copies. 'The writers in this publication were personally selected by the editors. They were active when the whole phenomenon of graffiti started in Europe in the mid 80's'. This big board book presents full-spread images of 80s graffiti works on trains by 15 international writers, alongside short texts by each. Contributors include Honet, Dieter Markowicz, Delta, Sent, Yalt, Shave Wow, Nema, Mins, Jack in the Box, Reaze, Nug, Error, Mellie and Banos. The 500 copies of Burn & Learn were sold out within one month.
Book No:19726
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