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Editie Collection d'Art. [Lot of 50 invitations].

Author:Vries, Cora de [ed.].
Title:Editie Collection d'Art. [Lot of 50 invitations].
Publisher:Collection d'Art, 1971-1975, Amsterdam
Description:Invitations by Collection d'art - i.a. on Armando, John Cage, Nieuwe Beelding Utrecht, Le Corbusier (Charles-?douard Jeanneret), Henk Peeters, Jan Schoonhoven, JCJ Van der Heyden, Robert Ryman, Dick Cassee, Gene Davis, Marguerite Herzberger, Johannes Gachnang, Marius Quee, Thijs Rinsema, Donald Evans, Ouborg, Jan Maaskant, Jean Paul Vroom, Wobbe Alkema, Andre Thomkins, Jan Jordens, John Verberk, Bram van Velde, Tomas Rajlich, Eugene Brands, Willem De Kooning, Cesar Domela, Bram Bogart etc. - 1971/1975, each measuring 29,5 x 21 cms., 1 up to 13 sheets (stapled), produsely illustrated, text in Dutch, added new year card 1973 signed by Cora de Vries.
Note:From 1969 to 2004, Cora de Vries (1944-2010) headed the renowned gallery Collection d'art in Amsterdam, where many leading artists from the Netherlands and abroad exhibited. As an announcement of new exhibitions, de Vries used to send folders with the title ?collection d'art?. They were invitations ?for a sherry? at the opening and at the same time contained texts, biographies and other information about the artist in question - always written without capital letters.
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