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P.M. [Piet Mondriaan] en de molen te Uden bij avond.

Author:Claassen, Johan (Beek en Donk, 1943).
Title:P.M. [Piet Mondriaan] en de molen te Uden bij avond.
Description:Colour screenprint on multiplex (multiple), 50 x 50 cms.
Note:Three-part construction box. Printed by the artist at Daglicht, Eindhoven. Signed 'J. Claassen', dated '1994' and numbered '39/125' in pen on the reverse of the multiplex board. ADDED: manual to the construction box. *Johan Claassen is especially object artist, draughtsman, and painter. He documented found things such as remnants of a metal factory in Helmond, the Netherlands, between closure and demolition, and he photographed and filmed the scarecrows in his vicinity and beyond from 1974. He let the wind create drawings (which he called ?aeolographics?) and built a cloud observatory at the Dutch IJsselmeer. He also invented drawing by means of centrifugal force, e.g. in the car and on a trip from the Netherlands to France the pen moved over the paper in each curve.
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