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Arman Tortured Color.

Author:Arman/Arman[d] Pierre Fernandez (1928-2005) -
Title:Arman Tortured Color.
Description:Multiple (Arman Piece) S.M.S. consisting of the materials to assemble an object consisting of an artist's paint tube entrapped in a plexiglas vice, multiple of paper-covered plexiglas, offset with the instructions to assemble, nuts and bolts, small peace of paper: 'Don't forget to peel paper off plexiglass', folded plastic bag, 17.6 x 15.5 cms.
Note:From SMS: A Collection of Multiples, No. 4, 1968. Tiny piece of paint flown away out of tube, affecting plexiglass and offset to one corner. Otherwise a fine and complete and intact copy.
Book No:26372
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