Cartografia - 1572 Boezem 1997. ARTIST'S PROOF.

Author:Boezem, Marinus (Leerdam NL, 1934) - Colmjon, Godert van.
Title:Cartografia - 1572 Boezem 1997. ARTIST'S PROOF.
Publisher:The artist Boezem in association with Aeroprint, Middelburg (Netherlands), 1997
Description:Portfolio (manufactured by Boezem himself) with ties and mounted title, containing a title sheet, text in English and Dutch including colophon SIGNED, DEDICATED, DATED 'Juli 1997' and ANNOTATED 'a.p.' (artist's proof) 12 city maps and weather maps, issued as embossed lithographs, each measuring 45,9 x 58 cms., each signed and title in pencil to the lower side.
Note:Copy from the very small artist's proof-edition, besides a print run of 50 copies. Depicted Aken 1596 (January), Leiden 1575 (February), Cambridge 1575 (March), Vilnius 1581 (April), Avignon 1575 (May), Sevilla 1588 (June), Marseille 1575 (July), Padua 1617 (Augustus), Basel 1575 (September), Bologna 1588 (October), Odense 1598 (November), Oostende 1617 (December). According to the artist the later blue cloth-covered portfolio had not yet been manufactured. This one was specially made by Boezem for an acquaintance to whom he also exclusively dedicated the work.
Book No:26482

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