Noise No 7.

Author:LeWitt, Sol -
Title:Noise No 7.
Publisher:Maeght, Paris, 1987
Description:Stiff wrappers (softcover), 37 x 27 cms., 48 pp. with 12 graphic works by Karel Appel (5 full-page lithos, including 4 color), Champion-M?tadier, Jos?-Maria Sicilia, Sol LeWitt (3 double-page color lithos) and Sixtus.
Note:Lower spine and part of wrappers and first 4 pages show some damage of damp. The back side has a small notch to upper side. 4 last pages show a small damage to upper side side. The lithos by Appel have a very slight and small trace of damp (repairable) to lower side, the lithos by LeWitt in very fine condition.
Book No:26594

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