x- (tatwan / tatvan). VERY FINE COPY.

Author:brouwn, stanley -
Title:x- (tatwan / tatvan). VERY FINE COPY.
Publisher:aktionsraum 1, munich, 1970
Description:Black wrappers (softcover) with silkscreened white letterpress on frontcover, 15,2 x 21,5 cms, 32 pp. staplebound.
Note:Artist's Book. Tatvan (on the cover spelt as tatvan, but in the book as tatwan) is a location in Turkey where a railway line ends abruptly. Brouwn travelled to Tatvana and made photographs in the direction of the imagined railway extension. However these are not featured in the book; the publication gives only a number of "conceived" distances (one on each page): x-Tatwan 1 km; x - Tatwan 1000 km (etc.).
Book No:26611

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