Author:Henderikse, Jan (Delft NL, 1937) -
Title:THE BOX.
Publisher:Jan & Jan Editions, New York, 2021
Description:Wooden box with gold-color title-plate on slide, 37 x 37 x 20 cms., containing six original works fixed to wooden plates of each 30 x 30 cms.: 1. penny diamond - 2. two large licence plates - 3. collected coins - 4. Led neon Zero on batteries and usb plug - 5. collection of wine corks - 6. 8 small licence plates.
Note:All works within The Box are unique and signed by Henderikse in pencil on the reverse. Comes with a catalogue approx. in the size of The Box, showing all the items in color on 16 pp. and bearing Nr. 8/19 in pen in colophon. Edition of 19 copies + 4 Artists' Proofs (not for sale).
Book No:26639

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