Geboorte, Priv? + Polder.

Author:Adriaans, Leon (1944-2004) -
Title:Geboorte, Priv? + Polder.
Publisher:The Artist, ('s-Hertogenbosch NL), 1992
Description:Cigar box, 12,3 x 13 x 4,6 cms., painted in gouache/acrylic on lid, the inside of the lid, the bottom + edges of the bottom.
Note:Executed in orange, red, yellow, green, black, white, blue, grey. Added: 2 wooden painted panels of 12 x 4 cms., fixed to bottom and interior of lid. Titled on the reverse of the box, signed and dated 'Adriaans 1992' on the outer edge of the box, all in pencil.
Book No:26642

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