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NEONS. Lodge B Jay, Reno Nevada.

Author:Michiels, Toon (1950-2015) -
Title:NEONS. Lodge B Jay, Reno Nevada.
Publisher:Toon Michiels/Luiscius Books, 's-Hertogenbosch, 2013
Description:Cedar wooden cigarbox with tipped-in color text & illustration on lid, 16,5 x 22,5 x 3,1 cms., containing a booklet, 'Toon Michiels: Neons, Reno-Nevada', 14,7 x 20,4 cms., (32) pp. with 30 color illustrations, and 2 original photographs in epoxy housed in publisher's wrapping, 20,7 x 14,7 cms, originally taken by Toon Michiels in 1979 (Lodge B Jay, Reno Nevada, shown in the book American Neon Signs by Day & Night).
Note:Edition of 25. Booklet signed and numbered in pen by Michiels in colophon.
Book No:22518
Price: € 250,00

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